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Bavaria Ink


CI Creation, Store Design, Logodesign, Content Creation, App Development, Webdesign, Merchandise



Welcome to Bavaria Ink, a prestigious tattoo studio chain with a global roster of talented international artists. As a digital creative agency, we took immense pride in partnering with Bavaria Ink to craft a comprehensive and captivating brand experience. At Bavaria Ink, art and passion intertwine, and we are proud to have been a part of this extraordinary journey. Our collaboration has enabled us to contribute to Bavaria Ink’s success, elevating the brand’s identity and creating a seamless and immersive experience for tattoo enthusiasts around the world.


Our journey began with the creation of a unique and custom logo that showcased the essence of Bavaria Ink. The logo features a bespoke Bavaria Ink typeface, elegantly intertwining two crossing tattoo machines with the iconic Bavarian pattern, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to artistry and heritage.
Building upon this foundation, we curated a cohesive Corporate Identity (CI) that exudes modernity and sophistication. Embracing a black and white color palette, we integrated custom icons with a Bavarian touch, incorporating the Bavarian diamond pattern as a key element throughout. This consistent CI ensured a distinct and memorable brand presence across all touchpoints.


One of our notable achievements was the development of “Bavaria Ink’s Fortune,” an exclusive app for studio customers. This innovative app allowed users to spin a tattoo-themed slot machine, offering exciting vouchers for their next tattoo experience.


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