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Welcome to Kingcans, the ultimate destination for delightful sweets from around the world, both online and in-store. We are honored to have played a significant role in Kingcans’ journey to becoming a household name. Together, we continue to innovate and create remarkable experiences that leave a lasting impression on Kingcans’ valued customers, making them come back for more delightful indulgences from around the world. To elevate the brand’s presence, we introduced an enchanting digital 3D world, a realm where these characters come to life, engaging customers in a memorable and immersive experience like never before.

Package Design for KingCans Characterdesign Rohat

Game Ready Characters

Our expertise has brought to life three captivating 3D characters representing the beloved Twitch Streamers. We went for a stylized video-game-like look, keeping it as simple as possible but still having the recognizability covered. All of the characters are rigged and animatable.

Rohat Breitenberg Twitch Stream GTA 3D Agentur Werbeagentur Nürnberg
AbuGoku Breitenberg Twitch Stream GTA 3D Agentur Werbeagentur Nürnberg

balancing modernity and tradition

Taking the brand’s identity to new heights, the new logo embodies a harmonious balance of modernity and tradition, reflecting Kingcans’ evolution while staying true to its heritage. The refined and simplified elements ensure that the logo remains easily recognizable, leaving a lasting impression on customers.

Old Logo

kingcans logo sweets store candystore

New Logo

Package design

In addition to our digital wizardry, our creative team meticulously designed packaging for the “Mystery Box” and two exclusive limited editions, the “Abu Goku Mystery Box” and the “Rohat Mystery Box.” Each package design promises to deliver an exciting and delightful surprise to customers, making every treat-filled moment extraordinary.

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