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MUSSO / Super1Records


Full CGI Musicvideo, Coverartwork



Introducing MUSSO’s groundbreaking full CGI music video, a visual masterpiece that intertwines the rapper’s captivating lyrics with a modern twist on the iconic movie Scarface, infused with an ’80s vibe. As the creative visionaries behind this project, we directed and brought to life an immersive video experience that transcends imagination.

With meticulous attention to detail, we crafted almost 80 visually stunning shots, each intricately representing the lyrics of the song, unfolding verse after verse in mesmerizing visual storytelling


At the heart of this cinematic endeavor lies the creation of three compelling digital characters. We masterfully designed a digital clone of MUSSO, seamlessly bringing his persona to life. Additionally, we crafted a character that embodies his loyal homie and another as his girl, each playing crucial roles in the storyline. Intricate asset modeling and rigging enabled smooth interactions between the characters and their environments, while face-rigging captured the nuances of their expressions, adding a layer of realism and emotional connection.

Musso Ich würd gern Verändert Deutschrap CGI Video


Throughout the video, we created more than 8 distinct scenes and worlds, each meticulously designed to immerse viewers in MUSSO’s lyrical universe. Texturing, cameras, and lighting were thoughtfully employed to elevate the visual aesthetics, evoking an ’80s ambiance with a contemporary edge.


The post-production phase showcased our expertise in VFX and compositing, further enhancing the video’s impact, ensuring a seamless blend of artistic elements. The result is an epic CGI music video that captivates audiences, leaving them mesmerized by the fusion of MUSSO’s lyrical prowess and our artistic innovation. As MUSSO’s storytelling finds a visual form, we take immense pride in having created a stunning work of art that continues to redefine the boundaries of creativity in the world of music videos.

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